StellarPACS™ Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) is a scalable medical data repository solution that provides reliable store, query and retrieval of medical images and related information by any vendor PACS through standard DICOM interface. The VNA normalizes all medical images, regardless of PACS system, and makes them accessible from any viewer, through the electronic health record (EHR) or via the Web.

Key benefits

  • Central Long Term Archives
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Single Point of Integration
  • Simplified Viewing solutions
  • Eliminates Future Migration Costs


Central Long Term Archives

An enterprise archive that manages all image and object data, regardless of its originating clinical system or specialty, allows an organization to consolidate storage (hardware and software) and reduce the storage overhead within the organization

Lifecycle Management

The life cycle of a radiological image often spans a much longer time than the life cycle of a PACS. Older images and Image related to medico-legal cases can archived to StellarVNA for Long Term Archives (LTA). StellarVNA facilities the Image Lifecycle Management services with organization specific technical and clinical rules, and storage management services

Single Point of Integration

StellarVNA platform serves as the integration point for all data stored and becomes a single point of integration to system-wide solutions (PACS, EHR, EMR, HIE). This reduction in interfaces and integration simplifies the support model, reduces costs and speeds the testing and support to adoption

Simplified Viewing solutions

StellarVNA provides an integrated zero-footprint web viewer, it helps to reduce the complexity of managing multiple image viewers. This single viewer solution improves the experience for the referring clinical community as well as the support model within IT

Eliminates Future Migration Costs

PACS protocols can often vary between individual vendors, even if images are stored in the standard DICOM format. If the institution chooses to migrate to another PACS, the migration of data might be difficult. VNA enables a hassle free and smooth migration to any new PACS


  • Scalable application architecture designed to handle huge data
  • Integrated support for various local and network file systems
  • Multi-level Storage Support (Online, Near-line and Offline)
  • Integrated Data Integrity Verification
  • Advanced Data Compression and Encryption
  • Cloud Storage Support (Amazon, Azure etc.)
  • Multi-tenant, multi-department
  • Fully compliant with storage commitment
  • Integrated zero foot-print clinical viewer
  • Fully HL7 compatible and easy to integrate with HIS
  • Secured user access with role-based user access control
  • Advanced application service and storage monitoring and alerts
  • Full compatibility with Cloud PACS
  • Comprehensive data analytics with custom reports

License Model

We offer various solution models that are suitable for your organizational needs