The StellarWebProxy provides HTTP, HTTPS services for retrieval of DICOM studies, series, and images that employ the DICOM WADO-RS standard. The StellarWebProxy is a standalone DICOMweb server with RESTful implementation of the DICOMweb/WADO services. All the DICOMweb http requests are serviced by the back end DICOM PACS server through standard TCP/IP DICOM network service

Key benefits

  • StellarWebProxy instantly converts any standard DICOM PACS into a Web or Cloud PACS
  • Enables anytime anywhere access of your radiology image and reports using the integrated zero footprint web viewer using any standard web browser and mobile devices
  • URL Integration with HMS/EMR system for easy access to image/report
  • Works with any standard DICOM PACS solutions
  • Easy to deploy, configure, and manage the application services
  • Huge savings in cost and time needed to purchase/upgrade PACS


  • Provides standard DICOM Store, Query, Retrieve integration with existing PACS
  • Provides DICOMWeb compliant RESTfull services for query, retrieve
  • Provides user access management with secured access to admin and viewers
  • Provides secured URL based viewer integration with EMR/EHR systems
  • Integrated web-based patient browser with full range query, retrieve and filtering capabilities

Clinical Viewer

Clinical Viewer is a multipurpose clinical 2D/3D viewer suitable for viewing MR, CT, XA, PET, CR, DR and ultrasound studies in multi-modality and multi-physician environment. It is a web based cost effective solution suitable for general purpose concurrent clinical review, tele-review and tele-education

  • Provides display of grayscale and color images from any modality, including modalities like CT, MR and PET, CR, DX, XA and XRF, as well as ultrasound and nuclear medicine and more
  • Provides visual navigation of the loaded series of images using thumbnails
  • Provides annotation of laterality, orientation as well as spatial localization of cross-sectional images for anatomic reference
  • Image manipulation features such as brightness/ contrast, Zoom/Pan and text annotation, Window width / level adjustments, flip, rotate, and inverse
  • Provides simple measurements of linear distance and angle
  • Provides cine capability to allow review of images that involve cardiac motion
  • Supports structured report and PDF report viewing
  • CT/PET/MR studies can be rendered in 3D MPR and volumetric views

How It Works

The StellarWebProxy Server application can be installed on a Windows x64 bit operating system with suitable memory and network capabilities depending on workflow load. Once installed, the software will on demand query and retrieve the DICOM data from the PACS through TCP/IP and will make the DICOM data to Web/Mobile viewers through HTTP

Based on the given registered user credentials, he/she can access the data using any device which has a HTML5 supported browser or through the android mobile app.

White Labelling Supported

Re-branding option through custom licenses is supported. Full support to customize the DICOM Viewers logo, product name, Hospital details

Case Studies

  • Stellar DICOMWeb – Case Study – Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, Sitapur