SoftTeam’s StellarPACS empowers healthcare professional with access to wealth of vital diagnostic data for managed patient care. Provides reliable multi-modality centralized storage with fast and consistent access to all patient data and images virtually from anywhere.

Key benefits

  • Improved access to diagnostic-quality images
  • Simultaneous access to images by multiple providers in different locations
  • Elimination of repeat studies necessitated by unavailability of images
  • Enhanced ability to compare cases
  • Ability to read from remote locations
  • Virtually eliminates dependence on film management
  • Supports tele-health services


  • Central storage server with RAID facility
  • Web-based platform independent clinical viewer
  • Role based user logon and access rights with concurrent user support
  • Support archival and restore facility
  • Complete web based monitoring/administration
  • Fully compliant with international standard
  • Fully DICOM compliant with storage commitment
  • Integrated zero foot-print clinical viewer
  • Fully HL7 compatible and easy to integrate with HIS
  • Secured user access with role-based user access control
  • Advanced application service and storage monitoring and alerts
  • Comprehensive data analytics with custom reports

License Model