SoftTeam has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare software development, we provide high quality, reliable product solutions and services for all types of medical devices. Our development services involve designing, developing, testing, and, if required, maintaining healthcare-related applications. Our solutions are successfully utilized by various healthcare companies, integrators and hospitals worldwide.

We can offer a wide range of skills to make up a team that you can depend on – and work with directly. And when you need something more – we’re flexible. From helping to assess your needs to developing, implementing and maintaining solutions, we can offer as much or as little help as you need. Our teams can work with you virtually or on your site – but most companies need some type of combination of the two and we’re more than happy to find that blend too. If you think that sounds interesting – Contact Us. We’re ready.

Patient Care Devices

SoftTeam has many years of custom software development experience using an extensive set of tools and technologies. Our experience, productivity and quality have helped us to complete many high-quality projects for our customers.

  • Complete development solutions for various patient care devices (monitoring & treatment system)
  • Development solutions for bed-side data management systems (CNS, Dose distribution, Dash-board, and general aggregators)
  • Device inter-operability solutions
  • Device regulatory compliance related solutions

Imaging System Solutions

SoftTeam has extensive experience in providing software solutions for advanced Diagnostic Ultrasound System, Computer Tomography (CT) and many other medical electronic products. It includes clinical applications, measurement software, user interface software, system control software, embedded software, device drivers and online/off-line image analysis software.

  • Complete diagnostic ultrasound system software solution
  • Acquisition and control system for X-Ray imagers
  • Consoles, panels, remotes and dash-boards for various imaging system
  • Device inter-operability solutions (DICOM/HL7)

E-Health Information Systems

We provide custom software development solutions for embedded and mobile platforms. Application domain areas include healthcare application, medical diagnostic imaging applications, custom business application and entertainment and gaming application. Our expertise in customized mobile development will provide you with the cutting edge solution to make your business stand apart from your competition.

  • Custom RIS/PACS solutions
  • Cloud PACS and VNA solutions
  • DICOMWeb solutions
  • Workstation Solutions (Console, review, reporting and advanced)
  • Interoperability solutions
  • Tele-radiology solutions
  • Mobile imaging solutions

Our development services to customers worldwide – success stories…

SoftTeam Solutions Private Limited is a software company based on SoftTeam Process Framework (SPF), providing high quality software solutions and services using the state of the art techniques in the areas of Software Development, Systems Integration, Embedded Software, Product Development and E-Business. SoftTeam’s core strength is its people of rich technical skills and domain knowledge