Virtual hospital

Virtual Hospital – anytime anyplace remote consultation


Provided product based solution and engineering services for the development of Virtual Hospital. It is a web application which enables a patient to consult a medical doctor remotely from anyplace at anytime using modern web and mobile

  • Rapid application development using SoftTeam’s reusable components
  • Modern web based Client Server based multi-tenant, scalable, and secured architecture
  • Live audio/video streaming using mobile/web camera
  • Direct integration of Vital sign personal care devices
  • Cross platform, Springboot, Java, WebRTC, Auth, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript

Customized Cloud PACS for Eyecare

Customized Cloud PACS solution for Robert Bosch Engineering Services India


SoftTeam provided Product solutions, Engineering and Support Services for Robert Bosch for their cloud based Eyecare solution. SoftTeam’s cloud PACS and workstation products are engineered to meet the eyecare product requirements of RBEI. The solution was designed to integrated large number of eyecare practices with devices and capacity to handle storage and retrieval of large volume of studies across India through the cloud platform

  • Secured Multi tenant architecture
  • Integration to cloud storage system
  • Platform portable solution
  • Custom device integration and interoperability
Benefits to the customer
  • Rapid Product realisation
  • Cost Effective engineering and support services
  • Secure, Reliable and Customizable application
  • Compliance to Standards, regulatory and quality requirements