Bed side monitor & CNS

Embedded Software Solutions for multi-parameter bed side monitors


Provided complete software engineering services for the development of Modern multi-parameter vital parameter bed side monitor. The development services includes selection of embedded OS, scalable, customizable framework solution for data acquisition, data visualization, alarms/alerts, storage, and streaming of waveform and digital parameters. Features includes modern touch screen based graphical user interface, customizable screen layouts, real-time alarm, graphical and tabular trend, real-time Wi-Fi/wired CNS streaming

  • Embedded graphical Realtime operating system
  • C++ based framework design for scalable application
  • Modern intuitive user interface display system that scale to various screen resolutions
  • Complex alarm detection and visual and audible alerts in Realtime
  • Real-time efficient trend storage and display of multiple parameters
  • User configurable custom display layouts
  • Realtime streaming waveform and digital parameter via network for central monitoring

Touch console for Infant warmers & Incubators

Embedded touch Console and Central monitoring stations


Provided software engineering services for the development of console system for infant warmers and incubators. The solution includes the identification of suitable hardware and embedded operating system. The touch screen based graphical console system provides real-time monitoring of the vital parameters of the warmer/incubator and pulse oximetry of the infants. It provides visual, audible alarms, real-time visual trend of vital parameters, real-time streaming of vital data for central monitoring

  • Customized Embedded platform
  • Real-time scalable application framework suitable for warmers and incubators
  • Integration of camera modules, pulse oximetry, weighing scale etc
  • Realtime streaming of vitals to central nursing station and mobile viewing applications
  • C++, java, Embedded OS builds

Advanced Central Nursing Station


Central Nursing Station is a state of the art real-time scalable multiple bed monitoring workstation based Microsoft new technology framework. It provides scalable application framework to acquire, store and review vital parameters from bed side patient monitors. Scalability includes beds, monitors, parameters, display elements, storage and reports.

Methodology / Technology
  • Software is rapidly developed based on the SoftTeam's Process Framework.
  • Scalable software architecture based on .NET 3.x framework.
  • Stunning visuals using Windows Presentation Framework (WPF).
  • Configurable socket based acquisition and communication sub system.
  • Advanced trend graphical and tabular trend visualization.
  • Customizable reports with XPS based printing system.
  • Optimized trend data storage and retrieval systems.
  • Deployed under Windows XP Embedded platform.
Benefits to the customer / end-user
  • New user interface and visuals provides improved patient critical care.
  • Faster and cost effective development.
  • Scalable platform enables custom deployment options.