SoftTeam participates in research and development that leads to improved healthcare and lifestyle. We collaborate with hospitals, research labs, governments and academics in technology development, productization, regulatory compliance and clinical / diagnostic trails.

We have successfully completed medical imaging research for automatic registration and tumor detection in cancer diagnosis. To expedite the research development, we provide software framework solutions for image acquisition, image analysis, pattern matching, machine learning, measurements / calculations, and report generation

SoftTeam's research project to develop PET-MRI Automatic Tumour Detection and Recognition System.

DBT India and ISTPCanada is funding this project aimed at the development of a software product that will automatically and non-invasively detect and recognize tumours using Positron Emission Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Developing an automated means to detect tumours will eliminate the time-consuming, exhausting and potentially error-prone task of tracing out tumours. This will allow medical experts to concentrate on analysis and diagnosis, with the result of speeding up and improving tumour diagnosis.

Consortium Partners:

SoftTeam Solutions (Chennai, India)

AUG Signals (Toronto, Canada)

Hospital For Sick Children (Toronto, Canada)

Christian Medical College and Hospital (Vellore, India)

Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital (Chennai, India)