Print directly from any DICOM modality to any standard printer and reduce your hardcopy cost


StellarPrint Sever Solution turns your office printer into a full-featured DICOM printer. It can receive print requests directly from imaging modalities then translate them to standard Windows print requests and then forward it to your standard office printer(s)

The solution is made up of a Windows PC running Stellar DICOM Print Solution, plus a high-quality office printer and fully replaces a DICOM film printer. It can deliver high-quality grayscale and color print output. It is compliance with the DICOM 3.0 standard, and it acting as a Service Class Provider (SCP) for all Print Management SOP classes


  • The solution provides huge cost savings over the conventional film printing solutions
  • Image quality comparable to Film, if combined with good quality office printer
  • Quick printing improves communication with referring physicians and patient
  • Convenient centralized image print management for simplified workflow
  • Can handle large volume of print loads depending on the configured printer
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Lower capital investments, running cost and maintenance

Key Features

  • Unattended centralized DICOM 3.0 compliant network print service
  • DICOM Print Service Class SCP (Basic Grayscale/Color)
  • Can be deployed as headless unattended service application
  • Individual modality configurations and Promiscuous mode support
  • Provides in-place replacement of exiting DICOM dry printer
  • Remote support and maintenance
  • Customizable header/footer
  • Optional feature for supporting modalities that does not support direct DICOM print
  • Optional film composer with customizable layouts


Stellar Print Server

The standalone Stellar Print service running on a Windows PC (supports headless mode) which is recommended for in-place replacement DICOM Dry Printer

Stellar Print Server with Image Composer

The Stellar Print Server with Image composer can do all the above in addition it has DICOM image receiver and film composure to support modalities that does not have direct DICOM print option

We also provide headless print server appliance

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