StellarConsole Workstation is SoftTeam’ s homebrewn Radiology Workstation system. Designed to work and integrate with any DR Solution/Retrofit DR systems, Stellar Console Workstation is for those systems which do not have an interface to view, edit and process diagnostic image data

Stellar Console Workstation works by integrating with the Radiology Modality Manufacturer to create a seamless connection between the hardware system and software. The Dynamic Image Processing Engine does a proprietary Histogram based Dynamic Image Correction before the image is visible to the user. This ensure that the user gets the best possible Diagnostic image output, no matter how badly the image was acquired. Stellar Console Workstation also offers a highly user-friendly Graphical User Interface that makes it possible to get a clean image with the least possible effort involved


  • Easy connection and interfacing to any, DR Consoles or DR Retrofit Solutions and fluoroscopy systems
  • Quick Development and interface time
  • Easy White Labelling options
  • Save costs involved by outsourcing to an experienced team for your Console Software requirement
  • Completely designed and developed by SoftTeam Solutions
  • Easy customization and close integration with the Hardware manufacturer to meet requirements
  • Easy and seamless integration to DR Worklists and PACS


  • Comes with advanced image acquiring systems and dynamic range processing algorithm to provide the best possible image acquisition
  • Software controlled kV/mA control system
  • Supports advanced systems like DSA for fluoroscopy
  • Works with Wired and Wireless acquisition systems
  • Comes with Modality worklist support
  • Features a RSNA template-based Report maker
  • Comes with a DICOM Image Enhancement tool to adjust the post processed image
  • The Print composer system comes with complete option to format studies and edit layouts before sending to storage or print
  • Easy to use and touch enabled interface help improve ease of use
  • Customizable acquisition interface
  • Supports various flat panel detectors and Supports various x-ray generator interfaces
  • Supports various image export and connectivity options including DICOM 3
  • Complies with DICOM Standard, provides secure and safe features to comply with IHE integrations.
  • Optional multiple monitor configurations.
  • HIPAA-complaint password protected administration and viewing.
  • Multiple languages support can be provided.