Ultrasound Measurement and Calculation Package

SoftTeam's Measurement Application and Reporting Technology (SMART) is a handy package which is easily customizable and highly portable to use with different variants of Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems with features to use on clinical application, basic measurements, patient data management, and advanced reporting.

Basic Measurements

Basic Measurements are available in 2D, M-mode, Doppler and 3D imaging modes. Measurement calipers are represented visually on the screen as cursors or markers.
In general using the mouse or trackball pointer to move the cursor and press SET or SELECT control to determine the measurements. The calculated results are displayed on the screen.
Measurements tool is uses to do various types of measurement on the Images. Basic measurements categorized into three groups as Distance, Area, and Volume measurements.

Types of Measurements

Following table list all the available measurements for different images modes and their descriptions.

Application Measurement or Clinical Calculations

  • Clinical calculation supports five packages they are OB, Gynecology, Cardiac, Vascular and Urology. Each Calculation package has groups of measurement and each group has items of measurement. In a system at a time a package is selected then a group and then to item to perform actual measurements. In general multi-level menu tree like user interface can be designed to interact with this system.
  • With out changing any software source code, new package, groups and items can be introduced / changed using the setup available in the software package. Customized measurement look up tables can be created, customized formulas can be created to enhance and customize the product based on the end customer needs.

Supported Measurement Items

  • Measurements available in OB are GS, CRL, YS, BPD, OFD, HC, APAD, TAD, AC, FL, TTD, AFI, Umb A, Uter A, Fetal Aorta, MCA, and HR. Measurements available in Gynecology are Uterus, Ovary, Kidney, Follicles measurements.
  • Measurements available in Cardiac are classified into 2D, M and Doppler cardiology and they support Simpson, LV Volume, 2D measurements, LV Mass and LV E/F. Cardiac M-mode measurements include Ventricle, AO/LA, Mitral valve, Tricuspid, Pulmonic, LV/EF measurements. Cardiac Doppler measurements include Mitral valve, Aortic Value, Aov Area, Pulmonic Value, Tricuspid Value, Cardiac Output and Pulmonic Ventricle measurements.
  • A vascular measurement supports ICA, CCA, ECA and Peripheral measurements. Urology supports Prostate and Bladder measurements include TRV, AP and SAG measurements.

Who Needs SMART

  • Component modeled SMART is a ready made tool highly appreciable by Diagnostic Ultrasound OEMs, Integrators and Research organizations who are working on to release advanced technology new systems or upgrading their existing systems to a modular design and with new features to take advantage of the current technologies and get market advantage while providing high user friendliness.

Software Components of SMART

  • SMART consists of three major software components called Basic Measurement Component (BMC) and Calculations and Applications Components (CAC) and Data Management Component (DMC). Calculation and applications has two sub components as Reports and Setup components.