StellarPACS™ Mobile Viewer

Portable DICOM Image Viewing.
From Anywhere. Any Mobile.
StellarPACS Mobile Viewer is a component solution of StellarPACS ecosystem. It is Web-based Mobile DICOM Viewer which allows radiologists to search, query, retrieve and view DICOM images on any Android/iOS-based Web Browser.
StellarPACS Mobile Viewer allows important consultants like Radiologists to view and diagnose images on the go or in their own leisure from anywhere in the world. StellarPACS Mobile Viewer, unlike other conventional Mobile Viewers, allows full functionality and offers advanced features like Report Composition, Exporting of Studies and basic measurement operations. In addition to the above, the StellarPACS Mobile Viewer can also be used by Physicians to show their observations to patients in real time.

Key benefits

  • Detailed and Touch-Optimized interface makes it very easy to use and interact
  • Compatible with StellarPACS Systems
  • Web-Based Interface allows viewer to work on any Android/iOS device.
  • No installation or deployment required before use.
  • Fully supports Tele-Health services such as remote connectivity and diagnosis and report making when integrated with PACS
  • Full support for Worklist Management and operation


  • Access to PACS locally and thru remote via Secure Role-Based User Access.
  • Compliance to IHE Protocols and adheres HIPPA.
  • Full Modality Worklist Management support.
  • Provides support for multiple stacked views, multiple series view and hanging protocol support
  • Image manipulation features such as brightness/contrast, Zoom/Pan and text annotation, Window width / level adjustments, flip, rotate, and inverse.
  • Provides simple measurements of linear distance and angle.
  • Provides cine capability to allow review of images that involve cardiac motion.
  • Basic MPR/MIP Support
  • Offers full search, query and retrieve options.
  • Multi-touch support with options to zoom, pan, and adjust Window-Width level
  • Adjustable and resizable interface allows use on displays of any size